Global Distinction for “The stories of Kallistratos”

Ο Γεν. Διευθυντής της Ε.Β.Ε Μιχ. Χατζηγιάννης παραλαμβάνει το βραβείο

The United Bible Societies’ Publishers’ Convention was held May 3rd -7th 2015 in Seoul Korea. It all ended with the awarding of “The Vallotton Awards: Creativity in Context”. These awards are given to the most creative examples of Bible publishing produced by Bible societies, with the specific context of each piece in mind. The Hellenic Bible Society won the award in the category of Children’s Literature in the series “The stories of Kallistratos”.


The awards are named after the great illustrator of the Bible Annie Vallotton. The simple lines of the drawings have been published in over 225 million Bibles in hundreds of languages ​​around the world.







Look here the 4th volume of the series

2 April – International Children’s Book Day

10432965_868101516581114_6786785737113516806_nInternational Children’s Book Day is celebrated every year on April 2nd, the day the great Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was born. Established by the International Board of books for Young People (IBBY) IN 1966. Since then, every year a different national section of the organization prepares a message and a poster, which are distributed worldwide, in order to emphasize the value of books and reading, and to encourage international cooperation for the development and distribution of children’s literature.

In all countries children, writers, illustrators, librarians, publishers and teachers celebrate this international day with various events in schools, libraries, bookstores, squares and other places showing love and their interest in books and reading.Βικελαία

In 2015 the Division of the United Arab Emirates was responsible for the material of the celebration. The message written by Marwa Obaid Rashid Al Aqroubi, children’s author and Chairman of the Department of the UAE of IBBY, with excellent activity in the implementation of programs for the cultivation of reading, in the country and abroad, particularly in areas where the conflicts of war or natural disasters have created tragic situations for children with serious consequences in their lives.

In Greece, just like every year, the Greek Division of IBBY/ Circle of Greek Children’s Books took care of translating the message in Greek and urged operators who are interested in children and their books to contribute to the celebration of the International Children’s Book Day.

ΚατερίνηThe Hellenic Bible Society took place this year in the event by presenting the third book of the series “The stories of Kallistratos”, Kallistratos and the Nightingale City. The author Vasiliki Nevrokopli visited in 6 days, a good amount of public schools and Public Libraries which organised events to honor the Day. 

The “journey” of Kallistratos started from the 9th Public School in Katerini and continued to Thessaloniki. Next stop was the Municipal Library of Neapolis and the 8th Public School, the Municipal Library of Sykies and the 5th Public School, the 4th Public School of Oreokastro, the Municipal Library of Melissochori and the 7th Public School of Evosmos. Last stop was at Vikelaia Municipal Library in Heraklion, Crete.


Children and adults listened through the narration to the parable of the two houses, the concluding story of Jesus Christ to the Sermon on the Mountain, that teaches us what are the solid foundations upon which we can build our lives in order to face every difficulty.


Kallistratos and the Adventures of the Talents

P1010709The Hellenic Bible Society and the theatre group of O.C.A.B. “Metamorphosis” presented on Saturday March 21st 2015 a musical performance for children “Kallistratos and the Adventures of the Talents” of Vasiliki Nevrokopli.

The play was based on the second book of Vasiliki Nevrokopli, illustrations by Athena Robie starring the storyteller Kallistratos who told the parable of the talents. A life full of changes for a king and his three servants. Everyone has their talents. The Kin10929556_810400708996920_667168669099371943_ng leaves for a trip, and Saracen pirates enter the kingdom, and everyone’s lives are disrupted. Who within these adventures manages to multiply their talents and who abandons them, and in such way not only loses, but loses even himself?