Journey into the unknown…


The last 3 years, both Greece and Europe have experienced an unprecedented fact, millions of people have left their homes, have left the land that offered them security and have taken refuge into a world that has not welcomed them in the best way. The war that broke out in their homeland and the dangerous situations they experienced, living in tyrannical regimes, forced them to look for the “promised land” in other places.

Seeing the conditions the refugees were living in here in Greece, speaking with them and sharing in their pain and insecurity as Greece is going through tough times, we found ourselves sympathizing with them and remembering that the Greek nation has also found itself in a similar situation in recent history.

As a Bible Society, we wanted to help and give another hope from a piece of land, the hope that Jesus Christ has given us with the reconciliation he has done for us with God on the Cross and the Resurrection that foreshadows eternal life.

We accepted some donations that made this undertaking possible by both the Bible Society of New Zealand, the American and British and Foreign Bible Societies. We thank them and praise God that they responded during this difficult period, so that we can fulfill this undertaking.

We liaised with organizations that had the same burden seeing the conditions not only the refugees were facing, but also the people in the margin of the society. We liaised with “Helping Hands organization”, “Home Spot” in Lavrio refugee camp, “Carecenter” in Thessaloniki, “Caritas Hellas”, “New Life”, a non-profit organization for the support and rehabilitation of the people in prostitution, the Crucified” association for the support of prisoners under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias in Volos and ”Symparastasi” which is under the auspices of the 2nd Evangelical Church in Athens.  All these organizations try to meet the needs of these people with classes and studies on the principles of the Bible to whoever is interested in more. We were informed that there have already been some Christians and need Scriptures. In addition, they get in touch with people in their neighborhood, helping them wash their clothes, provide English and Greek lessons, meals and basic medical services. Finally, they desire to see holistic change of people in prostitution in order to find rehabilitation and a new life, as only Christ can offer. We were informed about their needs in Scriptures and communicated with other Bible Societies outside and within Europe. All responded immediately, and we were able to gather a large number of Scriptures. All the books are in the hands of the organizations at the moment. We pray and hope that the encounter with the Word of God will bring about a change in the lives of these people. The piece of land they try to find to be the cause to seek Jesus Christ through His Word.

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