Kallistratos and the Adventures of the Talents

P1010709The Hellenic Bible Society and the theatre group of O.C.A.B. “Metamorphosis” presented on Saturday March 21st 2015 a musical performance for children “Kallistratos and the Adventures of the Talents” of Vasiliki Nevrokopli.

The play was based on the second book of Vasiliki Nevrokopli, illustrations by Athena Robie starring the storyteller Kallistratos who told the parable of the talents. A life full of changes for a king and his three servants. Everyone has their talents. The Kin10929556_810400708996920_667168669099371943_ng leaves for a trip, and Saracen pirates enter the kingdom, and everyone’s lives are disrupted. Who within these adventures manages to multiply their talents and who abandons them, and in such way not only loses, but loses even himself?


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