Third educational seminar of translators of the Bible

Paratext 3_62For five days (16th -20th of June) in the Educator’s Laboratory of the Faculty of Theology on the ground floor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 31 people in total, trainers and trainees from Greece and abroad from 09.00 am until 17.00 pm dealt intensively with the issue of translation of biblical texts and possibilities of specialized Paratext 7.4 software, which offers the possibility of continuous communication and exchange of information between translators around the world on issues relating to translation of the Bible. The trainees, graduate students, doctoral candidates, PhD, members of thParatext 3_75e Hellenic Bible Society and faculty members of the two theological schools of Greece attended presentations (in Greek and English) on the translation of the biblical texts and the various difficulties, the intertextuality (quotations, allusions and echoes passages of the Old Testament texts in the New Testament), the relevant background, the relationship of the books of the Old Testament with those of the New Testament, but also their respective listeners / readers of texts. The seminar also included practical exercises the trainees using Paratext 7.4 and its capabilities, translation of an indicative passage from the Prophets, as well as evaluating the translation efforts.

Throughout the seminar an Paratext 3_70Internet platform was operating as a digital classroom (e-class) through which the members of the seminar were communicating directly with each other and the supporting material, as well as the speakers’ presentations was constantly available. The Hellenic Bible Society and Professor of Theology AUTH Miltiadis Konstantinou, who had the scientific responsibility of the entire project, from the beginning of the first training course, hope that young translators who received specific training and the special software will directly enhance the translation work done in our country.